Frame Pricing

Frame Pricing

We are able to offer you a range of frames, some of which you will be able to see on the site itself along with the pricing.  There are a large number of frames available and if you would like a quote on something that is not on then we are able to give you prices and further information with pictures on the frames available.

Please note. To fit the frame of the size you require there may be a little bit of cropping required, we will let you know if this is required on the image that you have selected.

With the frames you will have different options as to having the image the full size of the frame or with a border round, on some of the borders you can have a title on should you require this.

You can have either a black or white border with keyline which can either be single or double and an option of either black, white or grey.  You have the option as to where the single border is, round the edge of the image or slightly outside this as shown in the picture.

You have the choice of mounts which we offer to you in a range of colours or a smaller range of textured mounts.

There are a choice of different papers for you to select to vie the image a high quality feel to the frame.

On all framed products we will offer to the customer a courier service and will be delivered directly from the lab where the product is created.

The framed products are bubble wrapped for added protection and have a 5 year guarantee by the lab involved.

Single Border
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